Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Rift Going On?

The latest (and the private ) news from section D batch 08 is exclusively brought to you by The reporters.....Hafiz Omer,the main pace bowler of The Scholars' team told us in a private sitting that there is some kind of a rift going on in his team on the subject of captaincy......Omer stated that he personally wants to be the captain of The Scholars' team but due to some 'extraordinary' standards ,set by The scholars' group, for the leadership,he cannot be given the role.....He blamed that the standard for captaincy in that team is Sooted-Bootedness (that is wat he severely lacks.!!!!...Sorry omer).....So he is not happy with the behaviour of his team mates who hold their meeting in secret without 'lifting' their main bowler....He also mentioned that Abdul majid,the opener team mate,is the real culprit who tries to keep him off the track that leads to captaincy because he himself reamains the strong contender (always)for the role.....Abdul Majid on the other hand denied such accusations charged on him by his team mate......

So thats it....we will post some more details on this topic as we are further updated.... Be Well!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

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Cricket ,cricket and cricket!!!

Hello people!! thank you for joining us on 08 electrical news zone.
The latest news from section D is again about cricket....You know Section D is cricket hyper dyper expect nothing from them except ugly cricket newsssss.....hehehe just kidding....So a latest test match took place at the main stadium UET,lahore between The Reporters and The Scholars....The scholars won the toss and elected to bat first(When they have bowled first???).... A good batting show by their batsmen, especially Omer fayyaz, let them put 81 all out on the board..... The reporters,in reply, stumbled right from the start because of some brilliant stuff by scholars' main pace bowler hafiz omer....(though he unsually bowled tooo many wides)...

But here we go....trailing by 17 runs,The Reporters, came back strongly in the match just because of captain azeem's superb piece of bowling...he took 4 wickets in two overs.Only the target of 38 on the board....The reporters, hurried towards their target in the second innings and won the match by all of their wickets intact....again azeem,their captain hit 4 sixes and won the man of the match award due his awesome performance.....

Later talking to media , scholars' interim captain Omer fayyaz, said:"Our defeat was mainly due to bad luck!!!!",....(that is how the things work in our class chaps!!!)....Nevertheless, Azeem ,captain of The Reporters told us that his team succeeded due to better overall performance altough The scholars played really well and gave tough time to us in the first innings.

So, thats it from us ....have a good time with electric machines....

(Brought to You By THE REPORTERS)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Absolute Stunner.....!

Well hi again!!! During the match between The Scholars And The Reporters, there came a moment when everybody rushed onto the field like maniacs (including the batter guys).....

A guy named as Zaeem A. Varaich took an absolute stunning (not expected of him atleast) to end the great innings of adnan khan of the reporters who was well set on the pitch and was hitting the ball quite hardly.........Zaeem;s effort was highly admired and praised by all of those playing the match.......
"It happens sometimes",said the hero Boy...

(Brought to you By The Reporters)

Revenge And back Revenge....!

Hi guys!!! hope You are doin we are, the reporters to update you about the latest 'hottie'(news ofcourse!!!! dont be glad) of section D.

On saturday this week a big match,a test match(eight overs per innings) took place between the handsom Scholar team and exceptionally talented(more of a joke)Repoter team......well a quite goot bit of batting and some seriously talented and subtle bowling by the scholars led them through a thumping victory against the repoters!!..They won by an innings....thanks to their bowler Hafiz Umer.This victory was only due to the great captency of Omer Fayyaz and Umair.

In the same week after three days,on wednesday,again a test match was played between the two formidable we Go!!1The REVENGE!!! Due to some great allround performance by Adnan khan pathan and the VICE CAPTAIN of the reporter team,they were able to equalise the temper.Captain Azeem himself took three wickets and the reporters were able to beat the scholars by an Innings....At this point it should be ADmitted that that the lower order of Scholars team ,Omer fayyaz and Abdul majid,drove them to a nice equalizer which was turning horrible otherwise.

In An Exclusive interview later on, Scholar team's captain Muhammad Zeeshan Waqqas told us that he was happy and contented despite of the defeat.One of the major reason for the defeat,he told to the media was "Our Vice captain mohsin got some pain in his tummy due to some unknown reasons!!!!!".hehehehehe
Overall it was an admirabale performance from the both sides.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Udhaar Se Tauba....!

'08 Electrical Section D ka aik student ye kehta hua pakra gya k,

"Allah ka shukar he k main ne 3rd semester main kisi se koi Udhaar nai lia".

Us shakhs ko na maloom Hostel main pohancha dia he.Ab ye baat jan'ne k liay K hakeekat kia he Aur wo BANDA kon he, Hamari team (REPORTER GROUP) ne aik khufiya agency ko tehkikaat ka hukkam de dia he aur 24 ghante main report talab ker li he. Jaise hi hamain kuch pata chale ga hum aap ko zaroor inform ker dain ge.
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Monday, October 26, 2009

REPORTER GROUP(Chota and Company)...!

It is to inform all the fellows that there is a new group of section 'D'
The name of this group iz

REPORTER GROUP(Chota and company)

The members of this group are given below
1.Hafiz Zain
2.Hafiz Azeem
4.Omer Hussan